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Meat for Barbecue Online

At Cárnicas el Alcázar we make it super easy for you, enter all the information we ask you to organize your barbecue in the calculator and wow! automatically you already have the shopping list, remember! that we send your order in 48 hours to all of Spain.

How to calculate quantities for a barbecue?

It is a simple mathematical rule, for children the unit in grams should be around 200 grams and for adults 350 grams per person. This is how our calculator runs it, do not break your head and use our calculator above.

Budget for a barbecue

This question is really difficult to answer, because it will depend above all on the type of meat you want to eat, beef, pork, Iberian pork, they vary a lot in their prices. Do not worry because you will not have budget problems since within all our meats there is something for all pockets.

What kind of meat is used for a barbecue?

The most valued is the Iberian pork meat, mainly for its contribution in fats of a high flavor that are enhanced, especially when you make the barbecue on the grill.Do not underestimate the veal cuts either and for the lighter ones the chicken.

How many kilos of meat for x people?

Who can best answer this question is our Barbecue Calculator. We encourage you to try it.

How many kilos of charcoal to make a barbecue?

Normally it is a kilo of charcoal per kilo of meat, easy or not.

How long before you have to light a barbecue?

The fire, whether it is coal or wood, we must light it half an hour before. The coal will be at its point when it is white, it is cooked on the embers. There is a trick to check that the meat is done if it has a bone, the bone must be white and separated from the meat. And we advise you to also barbecue vegetables to refresh the palate.

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